Company Profile

HotStats provides a unique profit and loss benchmarking service to hoteliers from the UK, Europe and the Middle East, which enables monthly comparison of hotels’ performance against their competitors. It is distinguished by the fact that it provides in excess of 100 performance metric comparisons covering 70 areas of hotel revenue, cost, profit and statistics providing far deeper insight into the hotel operation than any other tool. The HotStats database currently totals 1,650 properties representing 360,000 rooms from 100 different brands; and HotStats is growing continuously.

In summer 2012, HotStats launched a cutting-edge revenue management tool, called MORSE. Amongst its reporting are daily and highly granular market segmentation metrics as well as distribution channel and source of booking analysis.

MORSE takes daily market intelligence to a whole new level, not just because of the unparalleled level of customer information provided but also because of the full automation of the process thus making manual input of data or report generation unnecessary, saving time for the operator and guaranteeing a higher standard of reliability and fully credible reporting.

HotStats also provides a suite of market intelligence reports to support developers’ and investors’ decisions in the industry.

HotStats has developed management information tools for the hospitality sector. And its tools are unlike any other.