From your Occupancy to your GOP! Key Hotel Competitor Metrics like RevPar, TrevPar, DOPPAR, GOPPAR, Payroll are now available on a monthly basis to benchmark your performance with your competitors. All information is available directly from our fully flexible website.

HotStats Profitability is a unique profit generator! It gives you a perfect understanding of your business and allows you to optimize your revenues, your costs and thus your profits.

HotStats benefits are:

  • Monitor every aspect of your hotel’s operation - not just your bedrooms – allowing you to calculate a monetary value on any performance gap between you and your peers in every aspect of your hotel operation.
  • Know your market - Understand how those you compete with are performing in revenue generation – in every department that they operate.
  • Monitor your environment and look for emerging change making you the first and not the last to know what is going on. Be in touch with real time changes in your hotels’ world – the one you operate in.
  • See the future. Benchmark trending is so authoritative that it allows you to see how the future is going to develop from the real-time current trends.
  • Track your impact. Whether it is a Capex project, new product launch or cost cutting programme. You need to monitor them all in order to assess whether they have given you market advantage!
  • Knowledge sharing. No users limit: Chief Executives, General Managers, Finance Manager, Project Manager… Spread HotStats benefits amongst your team, it will unify your knowledge of what is going on in the markets you operate.
  • Total Revenue Management. A unique revenue breakdown by departments including the only available competitive insight into your whole F&B operation; performance metrics of Food and Beverage productivity, covering Restaurants, Bars and even your Conference Venues.
  • Know your place. Understand just how well you perform in cost efficiencies against your peers. It shows you how far you have to climb or have already climbed to be on top.

For more information on HotStats subscription, schedule a webinar or request a login to access our demo website, please contact us.