Martyn Levitt

Director Windsor Holdings Limited t/a Foxhills Club and Resort

When I joined Foxhills it was apparent that as a Golf and Leisure Resort there was potential for our beverage gross profit to be increased. This was a great way of introducing HotStats into the organisation. The comparison to other golf resorts in our competitive set showed that the potential to improve was really significant. The information definitely helped my owner to see that there were no deep seated market restrictions and enabled me to make some pro-active management decisions. Since then, we have improved the beverage margin at Foxhills by some 5 percentage points.

Introducing HotStats to Foxhills has been worth every penny, and we still use it heavily on an ongoing basis. Every month, we look at our performance with HotStats metrics directly with the Owner, the General Manager, the Rooms Division Manager and the F&B Manager. We mainly concentrate on all of the payroll percentages and our operational departmental profit margins. The Food and Beverage statistics enable us to carefully monitor our food and beverage cost of sales and our efficiencies.

I can only recommend HotStats to all Hotels in order to improve their profits and to get a fresh perspective on their marketplace.