myhotels group

Chris Martin

Commercial Director

We have adopted MORSE Insight for the unique in-depth information available at an affordable cost.

We use MORSE daily reports twice a week and more often when needed. We find the strength of the reports lies in the detailed breakdown of the segmentation and channel of distribution; and the most useful metrics for us are the revenue mix, ADR and Length of Stay per segment and channel. The information is widely shared inside the organisation with the Operations, the Revenue and Sales and Marketing team, the Management and the Board.

The outcome definitely helps to shape our sales strategy. For example, we identified at one of our properties that Corporate segment revenue was more or less in line with last year but there had been a decline in business booked via the GDS channel. This verified to us that the strategy to foster direct communication with our clients was proving fruitful; but also identified that opportunities to grow GDS business from corporate agents were not being fully explored. We therefore now follow a two-pronged strategy to balance the two channels, direct and GDS, to grow the corporate segment.

In summary, MORSE Insight has proved to be very valuable to us and has already provided an outstanding return on investment.